Yeah, fat-free is really a misnomer.

If it’s food, if it can be eaten, it has fat in it. Fat of some kind in some proportion, no matter how small, it’s there.

So, fat-free in the area of food doesn’t exist.

Even carrots contain fat. Plain ol’ carrots. Just try to peel a 50 gallon drum of them and see the fat accumulating on your hands.

There’s fat in fruit, not much, but it’s still there.

Essentially fat-free is what I’m going for. Then almost fat-free, when I need perhaps a tablespoon per 4 servings to emulsify the ingredients (to make stuff blend together).

I’m going back and forth between fat-free and not fat-free. Or fat-free and fatty. That’s my life and my choice.

It may make more sense to stay at a more even pace by doing low fat all the time. That doesn’t fit me. I want to indulge sometimes without going crazy.

I’m not ever going to sit down and eat a pound of butter or drink a cup of olive oil. But I do want some nut butter sometimes. And I do want some rich sauces and the occasional rich dessert.

So I prefer to be strict and then not strict. We’ll see what happens with that yoyo.

Yeah, this is the YOYO diet.

Within those parameters I’m going to lose 20 lbs. by the 1st of the year.

When the clock strikes midnight on 2017 I will weigh 20 lbs. less than I do now. And I’m going to enjoy doing it. I’ve suffered enough in lots of different ways: I’m not going to suffer over this.

Make a circle. Divide it in half. Half will be fat-free, the other half divide into low fat, medium fat and fatty.

Go to my other sites for the not fat-free. Stay here for the fat-free and almost fat-free.

I have to say though, that on my other sites there are plenty of low fat and fat-free recipes. I don’t categorize them that way though.

There are also a lot of gluten-free recipes, and I don’t categorize them as such either. Fat-free, low fat, low sugar even and gluten free just happened; they weren’t my focus. My only focus was animal-free.

My focus on this site is taking out the fat as best I can, and finding new alternatives, new ways to replace it – being ever-cognizant of the flavor and texture factors.

Here are the only stats I need to know.

on 18 September 2012 I weighed 143 lbs. I’m 5’8″ tall.

on 12 August 2016 I weighed 165.6 lbs. I’m still 5’8″ tall.

today (8.28.2016), although I didn’t take a picture, I weighed 159.8 lbs.

My goal:

I have to lose about 5 lbs. per month to reach the 20 lb. goal, which seems reasonable, but reasonable doesn’t always translate to easy or realistic, especially since I develop recipes.

I’ll talk about exercise on another post. I’ve been doing it – sporadically in several ways and areas. I am stronger, but not smaller. When I get more serious about it, beyond what I already do, which is more than most people at my age of 67 years, I’ll talk about what I’m doing.


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