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The government is instructing doctors across the board to prescribe fewer antibiotics. They claim that overuse of antibiotics is resulting in bacterial infections that are resistant to these drugs.

People now are being denied antibiotic treatment and antiviral treatment when they need it, because the government is afraid to tell the slaughter industries to stop feeding animals slated for slaughter massive doses of antibiotics, that are responsible for your increased sensitivity to them.

I don’t eat animals. I’ve never taken an antibiotic that didn’t work, so why should I be punished because everybody else eats animals, which sensitizes them to these drugs? And why should doctors throw in the antivirals too?

It’s insane the way policy makers decide who gets antibiotic and/or antiviral treatment and who doesn’t. What these policy makers fail to realize is that each person is independent of everyone else. Restricting my use of antibiotics or antivirals is not going to make everybody or anybody else less sensitized to the drugs.

The elephant in the room is not the once or twice a year we may need treatment, but the daily consumption of antibiotics served up at every meal via the flesh and the blood of the dead animal, that was force fed these drugs in massive doses to keep them infection-free.

Wake up to the realities of the situation and stop discriminating against people who don’t eat animals, based on the majority of people who do.

If a doctor is considering not prescribing an antibiotic based on governmental concerns and guidelines, then the first question asked the patient should be: Do you eat animals?




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